Feature Focus: Preview Case Documents

Quickly & easily review case documents with the click of a button

Within this Feature Focus post we will highlight our 'Preview' feature. This enables you to quickly and easily review case documents. This is great when a number of team members are working on a bundle. For example: The bundle producer will be able to easily review the organisation of documents carried out by other team members, support staff etc. All with the click of a button. 

Remember, our Preview feature works regardless of whether you are using a Desktop/Laptop or your Mobile/Tablet Device. Let's see how it works...

Desktop/ Laptop: 

1. For those using Bundledocs on their Desktop or laptop, double-click the File Type Icon.

2. A preview window will then appear, as shown above. 


Bundledocs App (Mobile/ Tablet Device): 

1. Easily preview any uploaded document within your Bundledocs account. Simply select the 'Preview' button. This is located to the left of each uploaded file, as shown above. 

2. Once selected, the preview window will automatically appear. Effortlessly scroll through the document, downloaded or even print. 

Top Tip: Remember, Bundledocs automatically creates a PDF of any file uploaded. So regardless of whether its a word, excel, image, email etc. you will be able to immediately preview or even download a PDF copy.