Bundledocs Integrates with Worldox GX4

Creating professional bundles just got easier!

Last year Bundledocs announced our partnership and integration with Worldox document management system. Our seamless integration has been developed to allow Worldox users to quickly and easily upload documents directly into their Bundledocs bundle. From there Bundledocs will take over to automatically create a fully indexed, paginated/bates numbered, hyperlinked and bookmarked bundle - ready to print, save or share.

Did you know the Bundledocs Worldox integration works with both Worldox GX3 and Worldox GX4. Want to see it in action? Make sure to check out our video now...

For more information about Bundledocs or how it can be integrated into your system, contact a member of support on +353 21 482 6320 or email info@bundledocs.com.