Bundledocs New Feature Release - January 2018

At Bundledocs we want to help you save time, effort and resources when it comes to document preparation and bundling. So it's time to put an end to those late nights and bundle preparation woes. Choose a software solution that works as hard as you do. 

Every month our development team release new features and enhancements to ensure Bundledocs is the best bundle preparation tool around. Working in short development sprints ensures we bring you even more helpful features... and sooner. 

This month is no exception. Check out the latest Bundledocs feature releases now...


Late Inserts Just Got Better

When it comes to preparing bundles, Bundledocs thinks of everything. One feature that comes in quite handy is our ability to handle late insert documents. For anyone that doesn't know, this allows you add documents (into your bundle) at a later stage without disrupting the existing numbering, indexing etc. Then when combined with our secure share or collaborative features this really works a treat! If you would like a refresh on how it all works then check out our Feature Focus post - Bundledocs Late Inserts or check out our complete training manual. 

What new features have been added this month? We are delighted to reveal this latest release makes it possible for you to choose what format your late insert numbering appears in. Now you can add numerical (3:1, 3:2, 3:3, 3:4 etc.) or alphabetical numbering (3:A, 3:B, 3:C, 3:D etc.). This will then automatically appear on late insert pages and in the updated index. But remember, the great thing about late inserts is it will not affect your existing numbering sequence! 


Email Attachments Now Supported

This month our team have added some exciting new updates when it comes to emails. As you may know, you have always been able to upload emails to include in your bundle. But our latest release will now make it possible to include your email attachments too. 

Need to know how it works? This is all possible with the click of a button. Simply turn on the 'Use Email Attachments Where Possible' option within your account settings or download a copy of our manual for a full step-through of our new email attachments feature.

Unsure of what to do? Why not send support a quick message. Our team are always delighted to showcase our new feature releases and to make sure you know how everything works!


Even more ways to customise your bundle

When it comes to creating the perfect bundle, Bundledocs offers a whole range of options so you can ensure your bundle looks just right. For example you can easily include/exclude whole sections (all with the click of a button), include and amend document date formats, customise your index page, page numbering... the list goes on. 

As you may be already aware, with Bundledocs you can effortlessly work with single section, multi-section, sub-sectioned bundles and even volumes. In our latest feature release, our team have added a new option that allows you place a document underneath another document - and have it appear slightly indented (or at another level) in your index page. 

This new feature can be applied using the 'Edit Details' button. Grab a copy of our manual for full details or keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Feature Focus Post. Make sure to follow-us on TwitterLinkedInFacebookGoogle+ and YouTube so you will be the first to know when it's released!


What Else Is Happening At Bundledocs?

This month our team were delighted to once again announce our sponsorship of the upcoming British Legal Technology Forum in March. If you are attending then make sure to stop by Stand #A25 and say hello to us. We will be delighted to see you. If you are yet to book your place then check our recent post (Bundledocs Announce Sponsorship of the British Legal Technology Forum 2018) for more information on the event and visit the NetLaw Media British Legal Technology Forum 2018 site to book your place!