Connect Bundledocs to Google Plus

Bundledocs are delighted to offer a FREE connector with Google Plus. This is available to all Google Plus users and can be setup and accessed directly within your Bundledocs account. 

Our new integration allows Google Plus users quick and easy access to their Bundledocs account. Once you have connected with Bundledocs you can sign in with just one-click. Even better - our connector is available for free so get setup today!

Follow these steps to connect Bundledocs to Google Plus...

How can I connect my Google Plus account to Bundledocs? 

1. Access the Bundledocs login screen and select 'Google Plus'. 

2. Once prompted, login to Bundledocs using your Google Plus details. 

3. That's it! Once you have linked your GooglePlus account to Bundledocs, you can easily login to Bundledocs by simply selecting the 'Google Plus' button on the login screen. 

Make life easier with our one-click sign in. Connect with Bundledocs today!