Electronic Document Bundling Software with Complete iManage Integration

Do you want to handle large volumes of cases to a high standard everytime? Successful law firms are already using Bundledocs electronic document bundling software to set the standard and save costs. Even better, we offer a complete integration with leading solutions such as iManage as standard.

If you are new to Bundledocs there are countless reasons to choose our electronic document bundling solution. Including...

  • A Unique Cloud First Solution: As a Cloud First solution, Bundledocs offers full Work 10 Server integration so you have anytime access to your iManage documents. With no downtime you can remain productive regardless of where you are.

  • Large Bundles Prepared without Issue: Bundledocs automatically adds and subtracts computational resources in-line with demand. What does this mean for you? In short, it means no stalling, no crashing, no issues - regardless of where you are.

  • Collaboratively Work with Others: Securely forward your bundle directly from Bundledocs. Alternatively, invite colleagues, Counsel, Barristers or any third party to collaboratively work with you. Allowing you to work more with less paper!

  • Seamless Integration with iManage: Our powerful integration allow you effortlessly upload your documents directly from FileSite and DeskSite into Bundledocs.

If you are an iManage user, then you're in luck! We have developed a seamless integration between iManage and Bundledocs to allow you to quickly and easily access your iManage documents. Let's take a closer look at what our integration can do...


Bundledocs iManage Integration Explained...


Create Bundles from Workspaces

Create bundles directly from iManage. Bundles will automatically pull in folders, sub-folders and documents you have contained within your Workspace. With just a few clicks you can replicate your complete Workspace into a Bundledocs bundle.



Effortlessly Upload Any Document

Quickly add single or multiple documents directly into Bundledocs. To upload, simply choose your documents, your bundle and your section. From there you can create the perfect bundle.



Download your Bundles within iManage

With our seamless integration you can save your completed bundles back into iManage. No need to leave. Simply right click on your folder and profile your bundle to save. It really is that simple!



This week, Bundledocs are delighted to be heading to London for iManage ConnectLive 2017. This year's iManage event is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever. Our team will be positioned at Stand #6 and will be ready to demonstrate Bundledocs powerful capabilities as well as our seamless integration with iManage. Find out more about Bundledocs attendance at iManage ConnectLive2017 here. 

If you are unable to make ConnectLive 2017, not to worry. We are happy to arrange a free online demonstration and free trial so you won't miss a thing. Get in touch with us today!