Bundledocs New Feature Release - April 2018

We met with our Development team to find out the great new features that have been added to Bundledocs recently. Ready to check out what's new this month?



For starters, we've expanded our 'Forward Bundle to Third Party' area to allow you type even longer messages when securely sharing your bundle with others. That means the message box will automatically expand as you type. Longer messages here you come! 



Depending on what you're working on you may need to create different types of index pages. The great thing about Bundledocs is you have the flexibility to draft your bundle again and again until you get it just right. 

Here are some of the new ways you can customise your index page:

  • Add an Extra Column. Creating the perfect index page just got better. You can now easily add an extra column into your index page. Include any text you need and even choose to include/exclude it in each version of your bundle created. Simple!

  • Include More Text. Ever wanted to add text beneath your document description? Now you can! Any text added will appear beneath your document description and will be automatically hyperlinked for quick and easy access. Click and you're there.

  • Change Font Colour. If you need to change the font colour for your sections, document descriptions or even page numbers, this is now possible. Choose your house style or any colour you need. It's up to you.

We find the best way to get familiar with these great new features is to test them out for yourself. Login to Bundledocs today and have a play around. We know you're going to love them!



Sometimes it's not just new features that can be exciting to discuss. Before we let you go, let's talk about something that has been around for some time - templates!

Templates are a great feature for firms looking to adhere to house styles, or anyone who finds themselves continuously creating the same types of bundles (or even applying the same customisations) over and over again. If this is the case, then templates can be a real lifesaver. 

When discussing the awesome new features that have been added this month, we thought it was a great time to re-visit templates. Using templates means you don't have to worry about the various generate options, nor do you need to remember which options you need to use. Simply do it once and the templates will handle the rest from there!

If you need a recap of how templates work, then go ahead and grab a copy of our Complete Training Manual. Or even check out some of the previous posts we've created on the subject:

Still need to know more? Get in touch with our Support team directly. They will be happy to answer any questions you have on templates or anything else that comes to mind.